Sorbetto al Limone (Lemon Sorbet)

28 Jun

This is a perfect summer treat, refreshing and beautifully light. You can serve it either as a dessert or as a palate cleanser between meals. Sorbet traces back its origins from the Chinese in the VII A.C. The Greeks thought it was a nectar of the Gods, the Romans loved it, and still in the 21th century we are enjoying it!

Sorbet, also known in English as sherbet, is a frozen dessert prepared with sugar syrup flavored with any type of different fragrant fruit juices, fresh herbs (basil, mint for example), wine (champagne) and liqueur. The preparation is very easy and fast, the longer time is due to the freezing period. I would suggest to prepare it one day in advance and store it in the freezer. Sorbet should have a soft and smooth texture, so I add natural stabilizers to the recipe such carob seed flour and beaten egg white instead of chemicals and milk products like the mass production industry does. Carob seed flour is a natural thickening agent, rich with fibers, minerals and protein. Egg white is rich in protein too. They improve texture decreasing the freezing point.

Lemon sorbet is my favorite flavor, delicate and digestive. I love it as a dessert because it is something sweet to enjoy but at the same time light. I don’t feel guilty after eating it!

Preparation time: 50 min Cooling time: 8 hrs Servings: 10 people

Sorbetto limone

950 l (4 cups) water
650 g (3 cups+4 teaspoons) sugar
10 organic lemon, filtered lemon juice
2 organic lemon, zest
6 g (1 heaping teaspoon) carob seed flour
2 pasteurized egg whites, lightly whisked
10 organic lemons with thick rind, to prepare the shells
Lemon rind, shredded

1. Cool a steel bowl in the freezer for 30 min.
2. In a saucepan combine 630 g (3 cups) sugar and water, bring to boil over medium heat. Cook for 5 minutes, stirring continuously, until sugar is dissolved and mixture starts to simmer. Add lemon zest. Remove from heat and cool completely. Filter out the zest from the sugar syrup
3. While syrup is cooling, prepare lemon shells. Cut off the top 1/3 of the lemon. Hollow out each lemon by using a grapefruit knife just inside the rind, circling the flesh. Remove juice and flesh with a spoon. If you have a fruit maker, you can use the pulp to prepare lemon juice. Make a slight shallow cut on the bottom of each lemon shells (being careful not to cut through to the inside of the lemon). This procedure will prevent it falling over when you serve it. Wrap shells in aluminium foil and store in the freezer. The frozen shell will prevent the sorbet from melting too quickly when you eat it
4. Mix 20 g (4 teaspoons) sugar and carob seed flour in a small bowl. Add ½ cup sugar syrup and mix with a whisk. Beat egg white in a separate bowl with an electric whisk
5. Pour the sugar syrup into the chilled bowl and stir in lemon juice and carob seed mixture. Add egg white and mix well. You can expect the egg white to separate somewhat from the lemon juice. That’s normal
6. For the final step, you can choose from two different methods: ice cream maker or freezer method. Ice cream method: Pour the mixture into ice cream maker and follow the instructions. Freezer method: Pour the mixture in a suitable container and store in the freezer for one hour. Remove and mix with a fork. Put in the freezer for at least three hours. Remove from the freezer, stir and put back in the freezer for another three- four hours. At this point, the sorbet should be ready. To give the sorbet a creamier texture, pop it in a blender for just a few seconds and then fill the lemon shells and freeze again for about 20 minutes. Decorate with shredded lemon rind. You can also let it thaw a little bit and serve in a flute with a straw.

Note: You can store the sorbet in the freezer for 3-4 days. -Paola

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