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19 Jul

My beloved readers,  I would like to ask you a favor. Since the begining of July the new passionandcooking has been online, unfortunately some of your emails got lost. Can you please check if you are still registered at Passion and Cooking ? Did you get a notification about my latest posts? If you did not get a notification, can you please subscribe again. Thank you so much. I do appreciate your collaboration. Paola

Spaghetti di Zucchine con Pesto e Pomodorini (Zucchini Spaghetti with Pesto and Cherry Tomatoes)

11 Jul

My beloved readers you can read this post on the new Passion and Cooking. Please accept my apologies, we are still working on the new site. Paola

New Passionandcooking

4 Jul

My Beloved Readers,

I would like to inform you that starting from July 3rd Passionandcooking has a fresh look, please check it out. Your feedback is very important. It is possible that this week you will not get a notification about  the latest recipes published because we are still working on the subscribe section. Please accept my apologies. Paola



To my Beloved Readers

18 Nov

Dear Readers. Please accept my deep apologies for not writing for a few weeks, but we have been robbed. My computer and my camera were stolen. As soon as I get new equiptments, I will start posting again. Thank you for your patience. A presto, Paola

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